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Ganvam: “the profit margin of dealers is too low”

“There’s no optimal model of car distribution”, announced Paco Pérez Botello, Chairman of Volkswagen Group Spain Distribution, at the round table held in Madrid last February as part of the Expo Ganvam congress, at which dealers and manufacturers discussed the imminent change of the European competition regulation (330/2010).

Ganvam attends constituent assembly of EU project Gaia-X Spain to create single data area in Europe

Ganvam is part of the European project Gaia-X Spain, under which Spain will lead the European data economy. The initiative sets out to accelerate Europe’s capacity for data sharing and digital sovereignty.

In just ten years’ time, nearly seven out of ten vehicles sold will be used for subscription mobility services, according to Ganvam

In just ten years’ time, 67% of the vehicles sold in Spain will be used for subscription mobility services, according to Ganvam’s report “The MADE impact on sales and after-sales”, which describes how the four main macro trends (Mobility, Automation, Digitisation and Electrification) will transform the current vehicle sale and repair model.

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New Vertical Block Exemption Regulation

The new European Vertical Block Exemption Regulation provides companies with a clear guidance for an even more digitalized decade ahead. The rules will help all types of businesses to assess their vertical agreements in their daily business.

Access to data/connectivity

The automotive retailers very much welcome the Data Act, particularly with regard to the regulation of B2C and B2B data sharing. Especially the principle of the data sovereignty of Users of connected products and their right to assign access to the data generated through the use of their products to 3rd party service providers of their choice.

No cherry picking in new distribution contracts

Peter Daeninck, Vice-President of TRAXIO’s GDA (the Belgian Car Dealers Association) and Chairman of CECRA’s European Car Dealers’ Division made a clear statement about manufacturers putting new distribution models in place :
« No cherry-picking allowed! »

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The ARAN Roadshow is being held across Portugal, meeting associate members and discussing the “hot topics” of the automotive sector. We are excited with the success of the first editions (Trás-os-Montes region 14/03 and in Algarve 22/04) with the active participation of many of our members. Being close to them is one of our main priorities, so we are happy to continue with further editions in the upcoming months.

ARAN continues to work closely with the new Government.

ARAN has been working closely with the Government which took office in March this year. The first meetings were held with the Secretary of State for Tourism, Commerce and Services, Rita Marques and with the Secretary of State for Tax Affairs, António Mendonça Mendes. During the meetings, ARAN made several proposals related to the different economic activities represented by our Association.

ARAN Year Book

We are happy and proud to present the first edition of the ARAN Year Book which highlights the most important activities carried out during last year. This is a special edition dedicated to the celebration of ARAN’s 80th year anniversary, where the highest point was the Conference “Rethinking the Future of the Automotive Sector”. We received with great satisfaction the contributions of distinguished personalities such as the Secretary of State for Mobility, Eduardo Pinheiro and the Secretary of State for Commerce, Services and Consumer Protection João Torres, The President of CECRA, Jean‐Charles Herrenschmidt and The Director‐ General of CECRA Bernard Lycke. We have also dedicated an article about the 40 years history of CEPRA / Centre for Vocational Training / shaping the human power of the sector.